Lawncare 101

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Have you tended to your lawn yet?

Just a friendly reminder that the weekend is approaching and there are several tasks that need to be done in preparation for fall – the ideal time to rejuvenate a tired lawn!

University Gardens carries everything you need for fall lawn treatment – whether you want to “do-it-yourself,” or want us to provide you with a free lawn consultation, below are a few tasks that need to be done at this time of the year to promote a healthy lawn for next Spring.

Call us at (314) 863-1700 to schedule your appointment for a free consultation for any of these services.


1) Fertilize: We recommend Dyna Green Long Lasting Lawn Fertilizer. Wait to apply until daytime temperatures are below 90 degrees.

2) Fall Aeration: This should be done in September along with top-seeding.

3) Weed Control: Now is the time to treat for annual and perennial weeds.