Things To Do (Early October 2014)

While cool weather has quickly approached, here is a list of “Things To Do” for this time of year.Bob-Walsh

1) Plant spring bulbs – except tulips. Tulips can be planted later in October when the ground temperatures are lower.

2) Bring in your indoor plants, keeping in mind that they need a little time to transition before the furnace is turned on.

3) Continue to water the lawn during early fall. Fertilize cool season lawns with 1 # nitrogen/1000 sq. ft. – We recommend Dyna Green “Fall Starter (Step 3)”. This will need to be done at least one more time before December.

4) Schedule aeration and top seeding for cool season lawns. This can be done while day time temperatures remain pleasant. Keep newly seeded lawns moist…not soaked!

5) Continue to “dead-head” spent perennials and annuals.

6) Cut back peonies. Remove all mildew leaves and branches from the garden.

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