Bob’s Tuesday’s Tips: The Real Reason Plants Need Water

By the first week of June, nearly everyone hasBob-Walsh planted annual and perennial gardens, but it’s not too late if it still needs to be done. Try to get your garden and containers planted before the really warm days arrive.

The root systems develop quickly this time of year and a developed root system has less stress during our hot, dry months, ensuring your plants’ survival. As the days get warmer, watering becomes more important…especially for newly planted flowers, shrubs and trees.

Irrigation systems are great, but generally not enough for the garden as the water does not get deep enough for the entire root system…a good soaking around the plant is essential.

If you’re not sure about the amount of water needed, take a soil sample about 3 inches deep around the plant to be sure it’s moist – trees and shrubs need considerably more water at a deeper depth.

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