Bob’s Tuesday’s Tips: A Little Lawn Care Reminder

Lush Green Lawn

A Lush Green Lawn

I’ve mentioned lawn care a few times in recent weeks, but I think it’s worthwhile to summarize several points that need attention this time of year. If you haven’t yet done the following, it’s not too late:

1. Weed Control: Many late spring weeds have not yet produced seeds and now is a good time to treat them. An easy method is Bonide “Weed Beater RTS (Ready to Spray)”. This hose-end application will treat 21,000 sq. ft., which would allow a couple of applications during the season for most lawns.
2. Fertilize: I always recommend a late spring application of fertilizer. After the early spring growth spurt, grass needs the energy to grow green and healthy during the hottest months. I recommend Dyna-Green “Long Lasting Lawn Fertilizer” (Step 2 in their 5 step process).
3. Water: Lawns haven’t needed regular watering yet, but I expect that to change soon. Lawns will need about 1” of water per week during the summer. An easy way to check for your lawn’s water needs is as simple as walking across the lawn. If the ground feels “soft” under-foot, it probably has enough water; feeling for cool soil about an inch deep is a better method.
4. Mowing: Mowing should be done on a regular basis. If the grass is left too long, cutting puts a great deal of stress on the plant. I recommend cutting cool season grasses to 2.5”-3.0” height. You can begin cutting Zoysia to 2.0”-2.5” height this time of year. If there are excess clippings on the lawn after cutting, I recommended either breaking up the clumps or removing them.

I get a lot of satisfaction from a green, healthy lawn. By following these simple steps it’s nearly guaranteed that your lawn will also be green and healthy.

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