Bob’s Tuesday’s Tips: The Fungus Among Us

Lawn Fungus

Unsightly Lawn Fungus

Recently I have received several phone calls and visits to the shop about grass turning brown…sorry to say, fungus is rampant right now!

With all the rain we have received in the last couple of weeks, followed by hot and humid days, it’s a perfect scenario for the rapid growth of several varieties of fungi and mildew. Fungus is relatively easy to treat but it requires multiple applications of fungicide and the chemicals can be expensive.

We sell a Bonide product called “Infuse” that works as a systemic fungicide in a ready- to-spray applicator. This product will treat Brown Patch, Dollar Spot and Powdery Mildew, but needs to be re-applied after 14 days. This product will not cause the grass to turn green again but it will treat the fungus and prevent the spread to unaffected plants.

The lawn will return to green once the grass grows and the brown leaf is mowed away…in about a month. Unfortunately there is no quick fix.

Fungus can “cure itself” if we have a dry period and the nights cool down, however as I don’t see that happening soon, it’s best to treat the fungus now.

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