2017 Turf Program

University Gardens is once again offering our “Turf Program” to our clients this spring and beyond. Our program is an “ala carte” approach to lawn care and scheduled maintenance. Not all lawns are the same and do not require certain applications of product…why treat for weeds if they aren’t in the lawn? Our program will only treat the lawn with the appropriate product at the appropriate time.


University Gardens is licensed by the Missouri Department of Agriculture and are trained to identify turf pest and treat in the correct manner. Typical service includes the following:

  1. Turf “Winterization” fertilizer
  2. Spring fertilizer application with Pre-Emergent.
  3. Soil testing for pH and organic matter.
  4. Regular inspection for turf pest and appropriate treatment.
  5. Early summer fertilization.
  6. Fall aeration, pH adjustment, and top-seed (as needed).


We are currently enrolling clients to this program and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your lawn, and a specific plan tailored to your needs. Please give us a call to schedule a consultation.


Also, for the DIY’ers, we will carry the Dyna-Green products in the shop. This is a step program specifically formulated for our St. Louis climate.


Thank you for your continued support. Please call us at 314-863-1700.


Daniel Arnold


University Gardens


P.S. Don’t forget we offer mowing services. We do not use heavy commercial mowers for our customers. These mowers can damage the lawn especially on small lawns with small turning room.  Thanks!