Mums in on Friday and Summer Sale Continues

Summer Sale
All Summer Palms are now 70% off! This is an addition to our other summer sale old stock, items that include:

Annuals (old stock) – 50% off
Sun Hydrangeas (old stock) – 50% off
Hanging Baskets (old stock) – 50% off (Some still look great! Especially for shade).
Quart Sized Perennials (old stock) – 50% off
Gallon Sized Perennials (old stock) – 30% off

New Arrivals

This Friday we will be receiving a new shipment of indoor tropicals. Get them while they last!

Also, our first Fall shipment of Annuals, including Mums, is coming on Friday!

We hope to see you at the shop soon.

Thank you,